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IBS and Gut Health

How I can help you

Do you have IBS, chronic diarhhoea or constipation?
Are your symptoms having a negative impact on your day to day life?
Are you at a point where you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with it all and want to finally find a solution to solve your issues?

Then why not try my evidence based 4-step 1:1 coaching programme to improve your gut health and give you back your quality of life. 

As a Dietitian who has years of experience, working with people like yourself with IBS and is trained in using the low-FODMAP diet for IBS I am able to guide you, step by step, through dietetic and lifestyle guidance in a safe and researched supported way. 

And the best bit is that if you don't see an improvement in your symptoms and quality of life I will give you your money back, guaranteed
Please note that if I do not feel that I am in a position to be able to help you with your health condition or it is outside the scope of my practice, I will guide you in the direction of where you can find those who will serve you best. 

My evidence-based 4 step 1:1 coaching programme is 100% personalised to you as a one size fits all plan does not work with people who have IBS as the triggers and symptoms you experience, are unique to you. 
I will initially assess your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. This allows me to formulate a dietetic diagnosis and be able to create your personalised pathway to a happier gut.

Once the right step by step plan has been established the emphasis then lies with you to take control of your life and follow the advice provided, with me by your side to support you throughout of course. As IBS and gut health is multi-factorial, the plan will not only entail diet and nutrition advice but focus on overall lifestyle including sleep, stress and exercise. 
So what does my 4-step coaching programme include?


If you are interested in working with me please click the "apply now" button and complete the short pre-consultation form. If you have any queries please email me at

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