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Here are a number of free resources that you can download and print for your own personal use. Please do not alter the resources or claim/redistribute them as your own, Thank you

Eating on a Budget

Here are 9 tips on how you can eat healthily, achieve your goals and trim down your food shopping bills. 

Eating to Improve Immunity

Here are 6 ways you can maintain a healthy immune system through diet and lifestyle. 

Affordable Protein Sources

Protein CAN be expensive to get enough for optimal healh or muscle gain. This guide provides you with cheap sources of protein including whey, frozen and tinned foods.

High Protein Snacks

Protein is key for weight loss, optimal health and performance. Here are some of my favourite speedy high protein snacks.

Balanced Diet Meal Template

Download my meal template to show you how you can portion up your macronutirents to create a healthy balanced meal.

I use this website myself and it is a good, non-bias, evidence based supplement and nutrition information website.

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