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Performance Nutrition

How I can help you

Whether you're an enthusiastic amateur wanting to improve your performance or a professional athlete wanting to get to the next level, I can help you.

I have years of experience having worked with amateur cyclists, semi and professional sports men and women including the Manchester United women's academy team and a British and European champion and record holder.

I offer 3 levels of support to those who wish to work with me on a one to one basis. These options allow you to choose a service depending on your needs, wants, time and budget. I also offer individual and group support to sports clubs, providing various services including pre, peri and post match nutrition and hydration strategies, nutrition consultancy, group education talks and ISAK body composition analysis

If you are interested in working with me please click the "apply now" button and complete the short pre-consultation form. If you have any questions about my coaching services please email me at

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