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How Alcohol Can Be Derailing Your Fat Loss Goals

A quick video I did in April 2016 talking about just how easy it is to slow down or even derail your fat loss goals by simply going out to drink one night a week.

Once you have watched the video, scroll down and read my top tips to overcome this.

My Top Tips To Drinking On A Diet

1. Due to the excess calories from the alcohol, reduce your calories from food on the day of drinking AND the day after.

2. Reduce those calories from both fats and carbohydrates predominately.

3. Eat lean protein and plenty of green veg on both the day of drinking and the day may want Mcdonalds for the hangover but eating healthy proteins and greens will help your liver shift the booze quicker, reducing the impact on your body AND reducing the time you're hungover.

4. Resist eating on the way home to "soak up the booze"...just simply stay away from kebab and pizza shops.

5. Stick to soda, diet and tonic based drinks when possible, this reduces the total calories consumed.

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